Product Design

Our Projects

Utmost creativity, hand-crafted, ecstatic about the final product, excited to have a new client for life and 100% one-of-a-kind.

Brand new brick & mortar, life-long dream coming true.  Where to begin?  Real-life concepts, built from the label on the coffee cup on up. 

So we mastered a beauty line concept, how about make-up?  We learned that nothing could be more fun & profitable!


Dream Store

Question:  what if I picked out all of my favorite products from various companies and made a collection of all of my favorite things…would people dig it?

Answer: let’s find out before we begin the dream launch.   Turns out, they love it so much that they decided to build out a 2nd location. 

Now, this is top secret.  However, each of my clients get a chapter and what a world we’ve built.  Just showing you that the book does exist.  We’ve got stories, if you’ve got time!

Question: If it looks good, smells good, is good for you and has an even better passionate company owner driving this restaurant concept…is it too good to be true?

Answer: a big, NO.

From customized hot sauce bottles, e-commerce, branding & customized imagery, PR & marketing strategy…and continuing to grow that list of offerings.  As you grow, we grow with you.

Customized Beauty Line

Question: can you create your own beauty line, it must be very difficult? 

Answer: of course you can & affordably…we always tally up that ROI for any project. 

From customized scents, personally designed bottles, labels and an e-commerce platform so that anyone, anywhere can enjoy the scents of their labor.

Life is a practice.  You learn, grow, expand, exceed limitations and out perform yourself each day.  

Yoga clients are one of our favorites.  Bring on all the studios you would like to build out!   We haven’t run out of ideas on making each one unique.

Awesome, Open Doors

So many fantastic, good energy, words right there. 

Question: what happens when you pick the most loyal, fun, hard-working, creative people who will follow you’re tenacious ideas because they.  are.  winners?

Answer: an awesome store with happy people working there which means happy people leaving the store with happy products  (only one question per post, but I will answer what happy products are…I know you’re smiling right now thinking about it – gotcha!  good news, you can have happy products too…if that’s what you’re into)