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Anticancer Screens

TopoGEN offers powerful and tractable services to identify Topoisomerase-targeting drugs.

In Situ Screens

TopoGEN offers powerful and tractable services to quantify the ability of your front line anticancer drug to specifically target endogenous topoisomerase action in cells. 

Anit-Infective Screens

TopoGEN offers powerful and tractable services to identify Gyrase and Topoisomerase IV targeting antibiotics.

Customer Extracts

TopoGEN can quantify total topoisomerase I, IIactivity levels in your extracts

Western Blotting Services

TopoGEN can quantify topoisomerase I, IIa and IIb levels in your extracts using Westerns


TopoGEN offers powerful and tractable services to assist.

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Active Science

TopoGEN was created by topo researchers. Our team has 25+ years experience and is intimately familiar with the unique details of topoisomerase drug discovery.

Personalized Assistance

Our support staff is dedicated to providing you with the training and acumen you need to complete your research goals. We are happy to review your data and provide expertise.

CRO Services

Powerful, mechanism based custom screens developed and conducted entirely in house. Contact us for a quote.

High Quality Reagents

High molecular weight Topo II. DNA Substrates and cleavage targets. Topo inhibitors and antibodies. Kits fully replenishable.

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