OWAHN Website Expansion 2020!




Jennifer Ricci
Woman’s Affordable Housing Network
Columbus, Ohio

Website expansion –nonprofit

TERMS: 50% deposit- PIF upon completion

All pages come fully customized with client’s content, client
images resized and formatted for the website easy
uploading, new & modern layout theme and
mobile/tablet/desktop versions.
6 $100/page $ 600

About us page: including a mission statement, our approach,
ways to engage, our story attended events & organizations
you support, etc. A description and list of the committees
you have & a connector to the face/names of the
committee members on the join us page.

Sponsorship page:present the different sponsorship
options, what they include and the ROI for each + ability to
purchase on this page.

Logos of the sponsors with hyperlinks to their websites + a feature for them to request more
information about becoming a sponsor or the options to host an event. This page can also
have different volunteer initiatives for people to sign up for “sponsored”events that you might
have (5/3 & Woda event as an example). Logos of sponsors will be added along with a link to
their website. Adding new images, replacing & updating content/strategy. Most of the above
remakes pertain to the initial strategy we can do at anytime.
8 $50/each $200

Join us page: a dedicated page to sign up as a member. We can add additional options such
as: volunteer, join certain committees, a list of open committee seats, being a sponsor, and
donate. Pictures of the committee members can be here

Shop page: this will be the set-up of your online shopping store to have your secure check-out
& payment options, selecting your choice (membership level as an example) & quantity to
purchase. Also, you can add ticket sales, donation options and any merchandise down the road
you might want to add. You might want to have customized swag: t-shirts, hats, etc.

Blog/Interactive members page: page will be moderated & all posts will be sent for approval
before going live. Idea behind this is a “live”page where members can post & get feedback
and communication from others in suggested categories (such as job listings, Q&A, Ideas for
events & fundraisers, etc.) + page can include articles that have been approved as a resource
library of information. All articles posted will assist in boosting the website SEO & visibility
online. A button can be added: “to submit an article”and a PDF, link or document can be

Photo Gallery: a steaming slide show of 10 images of your choosing, that have been sized, to
show the members & events you’ve attended, etc. Additional images will just add under an hour
of time.

Instagram Feed –install & integrate plug-in and set to stream in real-time on website. This
can be inserted on any page.

Eventbrite integration –install & integrate plug-in to backend to connect to client’s events on
Eventbrite for ease of signing up & professional look.

Newsletter sign-up-a “pop up”option when you logon to the website that will flash to enter
email to sign up. for newsletter. Email addresses will already be captured when members signup, but this is an added way to get more attention for non-members as well.
*for good interactive calendar. It might $50-$100/yr & when you are ready, we will
approach you with different options & the prince you pay is what we pay.

SSL License (essential for online payment options) -annual fee 1/$100

Set-up of SSL –register, install & integrate 1/$50

3rd party payment plug-ins, essential for money transfer after purchase (Stripe, PayPal). Install
& integrate. Client checking information tied to online payment collection. Customizing plug-in
to accept member account information, ability to login-logout, etc.
2 $50/each $100

Block of hours: to use anytime, they do not expire, for any edits to the site that you would like.
This might include updating the calendar, posting new pictures, adding new people to
committees, adding new logos of sponsors with sizing all images to web-ready size.
I think as your group is growing, 6 hours is a safe bet. You do not have to purchase them now,
just as needed & even in 1-2-hour increments. If budget becomes an issue and you have small
changes, just let me know & we are happy to accommodate.
8 $50/hour $200

TOTAL $1250
DEPOSIT (50%) = $625