Wilhelm Holiday Party
INVOICE : 12.23.19


Wilhelm Holiday Party
2580 Fair Ave
Bexley, oh 43209
December 26, 2019

MENU Overview

Deliverable Description
Catering – 20 people ·       Homemade bacon jalapeño cornbread

·       Local grilled sesame chicken skewers with spicy peanut sauce

·       Local grilled curry chicken skewers with tiki masala sauce

·       Local, grade A, smoked beef tenderloin with homemade white BBQ sauce

·       Brie with apple skewers + a Rosemary Blueberry compote

Hours of service Chef will arrive 1 hour early to deliver & attend to any set-up and present food.
Additional (NC) Customized party menus & any platters, chafers, etc. are available for use at no additional charge*

*please specify on platter & chafer needs 24 hours prior to the event, accommodations to retrieve can be made at any time.


Total $625
50% down payment: due upon receipt $312.50
FINAL: due upon successful & overly satisfied delivery $312.50


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