Rhove Broadway Station Launch Party - September 19, 2019
Deliverable Description
Plates / Utensils Rhove’s plates, utensils, napkins, glassware
Catering – 30 people ·         Pulled pork, chicken & brisket sandwiches
BBQ & Sauces for sandwiches

·         Baked Mac & Cheese

·         Green Beans with Bacon

·         Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw

·         Spring Salad mix with cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, onions & cranberries with Ranch & a Vinaigrette dressing option on the side.

Drinks + ice 2 cases of local beer, 6 bottles of wine with a mix of reds/whites + bottled water.  We’ll bring those big silver tubs for the beer & water.
Music Clubhouse has portable speakers; I’ll be going there Monday to work on what stations are best.
Hours of service Full set-up and clean up, 1 hr before and 1 hr after – 5 hours
Imprescient Team* 2 Assistants (Monica & Zak from last event) Zak- to keep food stocked & fresh along with general clean-up of tables, empties, etc.  Monica to set up the bar, pour wine or give out beers + set-up of table décor and both are available for anything you need as well.

*team contact information & itinerary will be sent to you by Monday.

Name tags/registration Customized name tags – your team should have a folder of Rhove blank ones from last event but happy to get more to you or send the template.